"Organizations often possess more competencies and competitive edge than they are aware of - in many situations, personal and organizational issues block companies from reaching their full potential."

- Håkan Svennerstål

Finding the right leaders, growing talent, and fully utilizing competencies are strategically important factors for the success of all organizations. We combine strategic, organizational, and behavioral science expertise when evaluating leadership, making sure to always align our work with our client's business objectives. 

We know that all organizations are unique, which is why we take each individual organization’s uniqueness into consideration when executing projects. Tailored teams are put together for each assignment and become closely knit with our clients - we are perceptive to our client’s demands and expectations, and always strive to understand and help our clients from a broad point of view. At the end of each project our results, learnings, and outcomes are carefully documented and measured with follow-ups. This allows us to continue building on our knowledge databases, which adds value to both new and old clients.


Our focus is on people, particularly leaders. Throughout the years, we have developed effective leadership strategies that enhance organizations and carry a positive impact on business results.

Leadership assessment

Leadership assessments are used to identify, evaluate, and develop existing leaders' potential and capabilities. Our tools for conducting leadership assessments are tailored web-based 360°-evaluations, reference taking, cognitive interviews with LPA methodology and customized tests. By using these tools and our extensive experience we get an accurate picture of the leaders in an organization. We can thus provide both the assessed individuals and the client management team with accurate feedback and suggestions for improvement.
The aim of a board assessment is to build effective boards, that consist of the right people, focus on the right issues, and work in an environment of cooperation. Our assessment process also ensures strategic alignment of the members of the board and the CEO. 

Board assessment

Performance leadership

Achieving organizations, teams and individual performance are subject to three critical parameters; leadership behavior, strategy and results. Performance leadership is the methodology for managing and aligning these three elements.

Transformational leadership goes beyond the concept of providing compensation in exchange for work performance. Transformational leaders motivate their colleagues and act as role models. The fundamental principle is that leaders shall inspire the environment, stimulate colleagues by encouraging creativity and innovation as well as act as a coach and mentor. We have developed tools, that allow organizations to capitalize on their potential in leadership performance.

Coaching is a powerful means to fully utilize an individual's potential. We have qualified and experienced coaches who work with our clients’ leaders and managers in the areas where we observe opportunities for development and improvement. Our clients have achieved remarkable results by using our coaching services - coached leaders also learn how to coach their subordinates, causing the positive effects to have ripple effects throughout organizations.


Team building

“The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better”

- Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

A team working together for a common objective can help an organization to more efficiently meet its strategic goals and values. We believe this to be of critical importance, which has led us to develop methods and processes to improve group dynamics and communication within teams, along with unique methods to help teams understand their true impact on their organization.

Change is a needed and natural part of the evolution of an organization. However, change is also associated with challenges and uncertainty. Our Change Management services support you through your unique change journey. Working closely with our clients, we help you make sense of your corporate strategy and assist in the design, implementation and operationalization of your plans. Our experience in various industries, and methodology for current state analysis and project design, implementation, and post-implementation follow-up, give you the foundation to overcome challenges through strategic changes, become more efficient, and improve your bottom line.


We help you through every step of your change journey - our goal is not only to implement improved ways of working, but to also create a stronger organization and sustainable processes that make your business better equipped for the future.

Supporting Change


Corporate Culture

Organizations naturally develop rules and principles defining what is acceptable and not acceptable, what is right and what is wrong. These rules and principles are what bind the organization’s member together and ultimately form the company culture. Understanding company culture is of utmost importance in a wide range of business situations: from change management projects to post merger integration, from entering new markets to stakeholder interaction. By understanding the company culture, our clients can ensure that strategic decisions are understood and followed, which reduces frictions.

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