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Developing agile leaders, embracing organizational innovation, and fully utilizing both resources and competencies, are crucial factors for the success of all organizations. At SLG, we combine our strategic and behavioural science expertise in helping to move our clients forward, making sure they receive multifaceted and holistic views of their organizations.

We know that all organizations are unique, which is why we consider each organization’s individuality when executing projects. Tailored teams are put together for each assignment and become closely knit with clients as our collaborative process unfolds. We recognize our client’s goals and ambitions - striving to exceed expectations unequivocally.

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Leadership Development

Helping leaders and organizations do the right things


Leadership assessments identify, evaluate, and develop existing leaders' potential and capabilities. Our tools for conducting leadership assessments include; tailored web-based 360° evaluations, reference taking, cognitive interviews with LPA methodology, and customized tests. These tools, combined with our extensive experience and proven methods, develop an accurate picture of the leaders in an organization, thus providing both the assessed individuals and client management team with practical feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Leadership assessment

Board assessment

Want to build an effective board that consists of the right people, focus on the right issues, and work in an environment of cooperation? Our board assessment does all of this whilst also ensuring strategic alignment between members of the board and all relevant stakeholders.

Coaching is a powerful means to utilize an individual's full potential. We have qualified and experienced coaches who work with your leaders in areas where we observe opportunities for development and improvement. Coached leaders also have the opportunity to learn how to coach their subordinates, causing a positive ripple effect throughout your organization.


Team building

“The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better.”

- Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

A positive team dynamic is essential when looking to efficiently meet your organization's goals and objectives. Our team-building process looks to improve group dynamics and communication within your teams, using innovative methodology to help teams understand their true impact on your organization.

Change is a needed and natural part of the evolution of any organization. However, change is also associated with challenges and uncertainty. Our change management services support your organization through its unique journey, working closely with you to help assist in the design, implementation and operationalization of your plans. Our detailed methodology - from current state analysis and project design, right through to implementation and follow-up, provides you with the foundation to overcome challenges through strategic decisions, becoming more efficient, and improving your bottom line. 

We're here to support you through every step of your change journey. Our goal is not only to implement enhanced ways of working. But also to create a sustainable organization, well equipped to tackle change headed into the future.

Supporting Change

Corporate Culture

Organizations naturally develop rules and principles defining what is and what isn't acceptable, what is right and what is wrong. These rules and principles bind an organization together and ultimately form the company culture. Understanding company culture is of utmost importance in a wide range of business situations: from change management projects to post-merger integration, from entering new markets to stakeholder interaction. By developing an understanding of company culture, your organization can ensure that strategic decisions are understood and followed, reducing friction.

Business Simulations are an efficient way of connecting strategy to practice, enabling leaders and developing their decision-making capabilities. Our tailor-made business simulations are a great development tool for organizations looking to create change and enhance the competencies within their institution.

Business Simulations

Operational Excellence

Helping leaders and organizations do things in the right way


Well-functioning product and material flows are essential in the enabling of the world's best organizations. Excellence in logistics allows for increased focus on your core business, enabling accelerated growth in global markets.

Logistics and Distribution

Operating Model Development

By developing and optimizing a well-functioning operating model, organizational development, measurability and processes are greatly enhanced. By documenting and meticulously advancing operating procedures, inefficiencies can be appropriately identified, and developments in change situations can be properly measured.

Managing projects efficiently allows for faster processes, accurate projections, and precise budgeting, enabling your organization to convey its core competencies effectively and develop rapidly.

Project Management


By being efficient in product development and deployment, your organization is better prepared to partake in today's global markets - reducing lead times is essential for all growing organizations in 2022.

By directly targeting your cost base, bottom-line improvements can be produced in short times. Our extensive experience in sourcing, personnel, resource use, and raw material yields allows your organization to thrive and become more profitable.

Cost Base Quality

R&D Efficiency

Focusing on the right areas of R&D helps to give your organization a competitive edge when bringing new products and technologies to market.

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