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Latest news from Svennerstal Leadership Group

19 October 2020, London. Svennerstal and Partners, industry experts in executive 

leadership assessments and change management, are set to take the business to a 

new level creating the ‘Svennerstal Leadership Group’. 


Svennerstal and Partners, formed in 1974 by then CEO and President Håkan 

Svennerstål, has developed a unique approach for conducting personalized leadership 

assessments, utilizing findings to help lead complex change projects within companies 

across the globe, for clients such as SPX Flow, Sandvik, MAN, Pernod Ricard, Volvo, 

Vattenfall, and Quintus Technologies.


“Two years ago, I started discussions with key colleagues and top advisors on the 

future of Svennerstal & Partners.” explains Håkan Svennerstål. "Lead by Anders Finne 

with a team of industry experts, Svennerstal Leadership Group was born, where 

exciting developments to our unique platform continue, and we project forward in 

leadership development, leadership assessment and change management."


Anders Finne, taking the exciting role of Managing Partner in Svennerstal Leadership 

Group, has worked within the company since 2003 and concurrently founded A-zeta 

Consulting, a boutique consultancy focusing on change management and search 

in mainly industrial companies.


“To be given responsibility for managing and developing the excellent skills and 

expertise that have been nurtured within the business since 1974 is absolutely 

fantastic.” said Anders. “My key objectives are to continue delivering the very best in 

personal, practical and value-added services to clients while simultaneously taking the 

next step in digitalized offerings.”


Svennerstal Leadership Group is a business built on years of experience, a wealth of 

expertise, a tried and tested scientific methodology, and the understanding that each 

business needs a personalised approach to leadership strategy. With over 26,000 

leadership assessments having been conducted, as well as over 500 different change 

management projects, Svennerstal Leadership Group has a long line of success stories. 

Always learning, growing and developing, Svennerstal Leadership Group will continue 

to build on this legacy. 


“Projects tend to sometimes be focused on either implementing a certain change or 

assessing and developing leadership skills.” states Anders. “These two areas are 

however inevitably interlinked. With the team and methods we have in place within 

Svennerstal Leadership Group, we are able to deliver services clearly integrating both 

professional change management and world-class leadership development.”

Businesses in todays’ changing world need the very best leadership skills, change 

management readiness and organisational structures to ensure success. 

Svennerstal Leadership Group understands the complex range of skills and expertise 

needed to lead organisations and the importance of harnessing the wealth of 

knowledge within each individual organisation.  


Lani Montoya, Director, Global Talent Management at Pernod Ricard says: “We have 

been partnering with Svennerstal for 5 years to assess our talents in order to develop 

and prepare our leaders for future challenges. We have a customized assessment 

program leveraging the expertise, knowledge and insights of the Svennerstal team. 

We are pleased to partner with them. They play an important role in helping us to 

develop our leadership capability.”


Svennerstal’s specialty is the human touch it gives to every project. Each business’ 

values and ethos is at the core of what they do, with a tailored approach given to 

every business whatever the size. For Svennerstal Leadership Group, the industry 

standard practice of using a ‘copy and paste’ leadership assessment methodology 

is not an option. Taking a personalised approach is! Tailoring unique digital tools to 

the working practices and individuals within each organisation, is how Svennerstal 

Leadership Group is able to lead the way in getting highly accurate positive results 

to develop an effective, specialised working practice.

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