Knowledge is power

We have with our expertise authored several publications and reports throughout the years - that is now at your disposal. Below you will find some key highlights, but there is alot more in our archieve. Let us know what you need, and we happily assist. 


Highlights of publications

  • The individual, the organization and the path to mutual appreciation

  • A guide to Leadership Potential Assessment

  • What different kinds of tests are available on the market and what value do they have

  • Leadership Theory

  • Principles for the assessment of managers during selection and when evaluating potential

  • Development of selection systems with emphasis on methodological and knowledge prerequisites

  • How successful managers see their own development

  • The intellectual capital and its power

  • Will new leadership develop through leaders of the growth?

  • Innovation – the secret leadership potential weapon

  • Principles for assessment

  • How to organize a global operation – research how 13 multinational corporations have organized their global operation and business

  • The Connection between Leadership and Organizational Culture

  • The new organizational cultures

  • Incident Crisis Management – A tool to handle crisis.

  • Developing corporate culture – A benchmarking study

  • Towards a lean and learning organization

  • Leadership Assessment – The Process and Result

  • Svennerstål's model for assessing leaders


Highlight of Reports

Board Assessment

How to develop leadership assessment

Performance leadership


Team Building

Situational analysis

Situation analysis for Akademiska sjukhuset


Corporate culture