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At Svennerstal Leadership Group we know that every person is unique and that every leader possesses their own, complex knowledge resources. To assess leaders, create successful leadership structures, and carry out successful transformations of organizations is – in our opinion – a true craftsmanship.

Our methods have been continuously developed since 1974, and throughout the years we have helped over 450 organizations develop and carried out more than 26 000 individual leadership assessments. With our information base, knowledge of solutions, and expertise in leadership, we can assess and create leadership and change like no other.

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"To create strong leadership and help leaders succeed, using our extensive knowledge and expertise in leadership assessments and managing complex change projects."


"We want to help organizations and leaders grow and develop, to embrace opportunities, solve problems, and achieve the best possible results."


Our ways of work are the combined result of scientific studies and in-depth research over 46 years of carefully documented experience. These methods are at the core of our organization and the work we do every day within leadership assessments and change management projects. 


The insight that we have gathered throughout the years has given Svennerstal Leadership Group deep knowledge in the identification of challenges and areas of key development for organizations and their leaders. Our extensive experience allows us to create tailor-made solutions for our clients' business strategies, giving our offering a unique touch - we recognize that every single business is unique, which is why we develop personalized methodologies and services to all of our clients.


Svennerstal Leadership Group creates the best leadership for your organization, capable of delivering results and carrying out change, by utilizing our extensive knowledge and methods that have been developed during more than 46 years of client work combined with theoretical studies.

"Over many years, I have worked with Svennerstal on different kinds of projects. The outcome has always exceeded our expectations and their methods have become crucial to how we develop the organization successfully."

 - Jan Söderström, CEO Quintus Technologies


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